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Dear traveler welcome to our new category of our well selected villas and properties for rent or to buy!


Our philosophy is to support local economy via direct bookings to owners. As locals we know better than anyone our region. We know in person most of the owners of hotels/apartments/villas, we have visited all those properties that we suggest you and we have heard all previous visitor’s comments before we post & suggest you, them.That give us the advantage to be neutral and giving you the ideal suggestions according your preferences.There is no doubt that online systems for bookings they are number one in google, but do they know better the area and in person the owners as we do? Is it worth supporting impersonal global giant-companies or local, small ones/family run businesses ,instead?


Why should you book via Grecopaths your accommodation?

  • Because we have visited all those listed properties
  • we know in person the owners
    we have heard all comments from previous guests before we suggest you

Why should not book through online booking systems?

  • Sometimes system shows you that there is no availability-The truth is that owners always keep extra rooms or availability for their eclectic clients. We repeat we know them in person that means we call them direct to their cell phone and ask/ negotiate with them in a real time availability & costs.

What does Grecopaths earns per booking?

We earn the normal commission like online booking systems, which is 15 %.That means if you don’t know that already, for example :
A random double room costs , in a various online systems, 85 euros per night.
Owners will get 73 euros and the online booking system will get the rest of 12 euros.
So this amount of 15% or 12 euros will go to our local company instead to an impersonal worldwide company.


We are going to enrich this category with more and more suggestions.

Even you may not find what are you looking for, please contact us to give you our suggestions that we might didn’t have the time to upload it!



That means Philos (Friend)+ Xenos (foreigner) =You become friend with a stranger-foreigner!

Golden visa Greece


Greek permanent residency by investment

Greece offers the most affordable Golden Visa option, with a minimum of 250000 euros
which is the lowest investment capital required for a European residence permit & you can become a permanent resident.

Why Invest in Greece

Investing in Greece holds many lucrative investment opportunities, complemented by the freedom of an investor visa, taking into consideration the ideal timing of the Greek economy recovering from a recession as well as the Golden Visa scheme.

Competitive real estate prices amongst European capitals

Currently, properties in Greece are undervalued as a result of a long-lasting recession. This means that compared to other European capitals, many cities and special in Peloponnese region-Mainland offers very competitive pricing per square meter without compromising on the quality of real estate. Note that the Greek Golden Visa program allows investors to choose their property without any geographical limitations or restrictions to the type of property, while other countries may impose rules depending on the nature of the property itself and its location.

Generating income from day one

Investors are free to rent their properties in Greece immediately (while for instance in Malta the first 5 years of ownership are not allowed to). Moreover, due to the high and steady rate of incoming tourists and the growth of short-term rental schemes, property in Greece can yield a return on investment as high as 5% after taxes as well as promise a profitable resale option with property prices being expected to soon rise in Greece.

Cost of living

For investors planning to move to Greece permanently, the cost of living is an important factor in their decision-making process. Greece is known for having a remarkably low cost of living, which benefits foreign investors since the maintenance, renovation works and professionals hired require minimal expenses.

Why choosing Grecopaths to help you find your property?

As locals we have a huge network in several sectors. Real estate is one of them and it has direct connection with tourism. Except trustful local brokers that we know in person to suggest you we also know direct owners of properties who wish to sell them. That gives you the advantage to negotiate directly with the owner succeeding super deals!

We will be more than happy to help you find your dream property. Even there is no big list of suggested houses or lands email us to help you find the ideal one according your budget-area-goal.

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