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Things to do in Olympia

Things to do in Olympia

What is better except visiting the old time classical monuments such as Olympia the Valley of Gods”, lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, and the birthplace of the most important athletic mega-event of all times; than being part of a Greek family while you hear their family stories, see old pictures, try fresh sourced local products and more.

Our suggestion is a half day or one day excursion in Olympia adjusted to your program and schedule. Morning or afternoon times. after your visit to the archaeological site of Olympia.

  • 1,5 hour guided tour in a family farm. You will see local herbscrops, bee boxes, old photos of the family explaining to you the history of the place-family-activity. You will taste handmade sweets, fresh juice, honey.
    You will see a small display of cooking lesson of the grandmother of the family.You will seat and enjoy the nature and the quietness of the place-farm-house
  • Lunch or cooking lesson or both, of your favorite Greek food such as mousaka, gemista, tzatziki, imam, spanakopita, tiropita, or other in a local traditional family tavern.

As a conclusion it is an ideal suggestion after your visit of the archaeological site of Olympia to visit this family farm so to experience the real & authentic Greek hospitality.
Philoxenia is the Greek word for hospitality which means: Philos (friend) Xenos (stranger) you become friend with strangers. There are no words for that kind of experiences you can only live them.

Your visit to this farm can be after your lunch or cooking lesson of the best family tavern that they have 3 generations experience in cooking traditional Greek dishes with fresh sourced vegetables from their farm.

Blessed place, blessed people, delicious tastes that they will be your tasteful memories to remind you that you have ‘friends’ in Greece/Hellas so to come again and again!

Do not miss it!

Extra activities in the area:

  • Walking tour from 2-4 hours in the surrounding area of the archaeological site of Olympia)
  • Visit fields with local herbs. This family used the idyllic conditions of Ancient Olympia and Crete in order to create high quality organic aromatic and pharmaceutical herbs and oils.
    They will offer you a journey into the world of aromas and flavors into your cup of tea herbs that you will choose..(Only 15min driving from Ancient Olympia)
  • Visit famous local monastery
  • Tailor made Tours

See more here:http://grecopaths.gr/package/agrotourism-in-olympia/


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