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Things to do in Olympia Peloponnese

Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, a once in a lifetime destination!

In western Peloponnese, in the beautiful valley of the Alpheios river lays the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece: Ancient Olympia.  It is dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods and the birthplace of the Olympic Games (776 BC), which were held to his honor.

What are the things to do in Olympia Peloponnese, except visit the famous archaeological site?

Put on your walking shoes or get on our new high quality mountain bicycles and join these tours!

Beside your visit to the archeological site of Olympia, with its botanical garden and on site museum, you will have the chance to be active yourself!
Learn about the history, mythology and nature while hiking and cycling in Olympia with its impressive surroundings, with our English speaking tour escort. For a more detailed historical tour on site we can book you a licensed guide.

We have a choice of two hiking and cycling paths, with an easy (suitable for children) and an advanced medium difficulty level.

The nature in Olympia has a lush green uniqueness and the sounds of the stream Kladeos will accompany us while hiking and cycling in Olympia. Either following a path beside the river with plane trees, remains of Roman wall, a natural Delta of the river Alpheios, or going uphill through mountainous area, that gives us a panoramic view of Olympia, crossing through the new planted forest of 14.000 trees, a project that has been initiated by the Nature Friendly Culture Society of Ancient Olympia.
Descending the hill
it will go through olive farms and vineyards. And returning to Olympia from our hiking and cycling tour, we will pass by the Olympian Academy, the Ancient Stadium and the statue of Pierre de Coubertin. The last 2km. will be on flat roads (dirt and asphalt) through the countryside with its water channels and rich vegetation.

After returning from the hiking and cycling in Olympia you are able to visit the archeological site of Olympia.

But not after having enjoyed a picnic with fruits and local products! This way you will have refilled your energy to run on the track in the ancient Stadium!

We can extend your hiking and cycling in Olympia- tour with  more things to do in Olympia Peloponnese:
Dinner at home with a local family, agro tourism, a visit to a farm and more sightseeing.

One of the more interesting places nearby is the lush green forest of Nemouta (30-40 minutes drive from Olympia) with its many waterfalls. It is the mythical place where the hero Hercules faced the Erymanthos Boar on his labors. Take a short easy hike through this cool oasis with its rich wildlife and the sound of the river, away from the crowd and summer heat to admire old oak trees, gorges and… spectacular waterfalls!

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