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Private guided tours in Greece

Our team of Grecopaths – Alternative tourism services – cooperates with many licensed guides who speak any language you wish.

If you are looking for a detailed historical tour to the archeological sites, we offer private guided tours. Our licensed guide will inform you in detail about the history of the classical sites and unveil their secrets to you. For children or students we offer a Treasure hunt or Theatrical games based on the history/mythology of the archaeological site you just have visited with your licensed guide, to learn about it in a more easy and pleasant way. They are available on request.

Choose out of the wide range of our other activities, and combine your private guided tour with a food tasting tour of local products (olive oil, cheese, wine), hiking tour, or bicycle tour (several distances and difficulty level). Before or after your visit to the archeological site with your private licensed guide, you will be able to enjoy and explore the amazing surroundings of the archeological sites and the breathtaking nature of Greece with our local tour escorts. We will take you to non touristic places and off beaten paths. You will talk to locals; experience the Greek hospitality and the Greek way of life.

DESTINATIONS Private Guided Tours:

** NAFPLIO: One of the most picturesque towns in Greece. This place has played an important role in the long history of Greece and seen days of glory as well as decline. You will walk with your private licensed guide down town.
(Palamidi castle and the archaeological museum of Nafplio are also available for private guided tour)

** EPIDAURUS: Epidaurus is a magical place. In Epidaurus you still can sense the vibe of healing at the archeological site of Asclepius: The birthplace of medicine. In the 4th century BC the impressive amphitheater was built, where you can experience up until today the incredible acoustics of this elegant piece of architecture with its harmony in balance and measure. In summer it still hosts performances of ancient Greek drama or comedies.

** MYCENAE: Once a powerful civilization (1700-1100 BC), Mycenae still impresses you with its architecture: the Acropolis of Mycenae with its Cyclopean walls, Lion Gate and rich royal tombs correspond in every respect to the Homeric description of the capital of King Agamemnon. As a visitor you will take a step back into ancient history with your private licensed guide on this archeological site and admire the buildings of the acropolis, the royal Grave Circles, the monumental bee hived “tholos (vaulted) tombs” like the ”Treasury of Artreus”, as well as the onsite museum with finds  from the excavations.

** NEMEA: Nemea is the mythical place where Hercules fulfilled his first labor: killing the Nemean Lion. Nemea has an interesting archeological site. Many of the excavations were done by the University of California under Dr. Steven Miller. Admire the Temple of Zeus that is “worth visiting and stands in a grove of cypresses”, as the historian-traveler Pausanias mentions in his writings (late 2nd century AD). The Stadium where the Nemean Games were held has been discovered recently. The onsite museum shows reconstructions and old gravures. Besides the interesting archeological site of Nemea it is also has many wineries and is protected region for wine production of Nemea has a history of wine cultivation since ancient Greek times.
Extra visit if you wish;The local club of civilization created by the famous arcaeologist Mr Stefan Miller who invented & organize every 4 years the revival of the Nemean Games.They come more than 8000 people-athlets, wearing white robes,from all over world to participate and experience this unique athletic event based in antiquity..

Other archaeological sites that we do offer private guided tours are:

** CORINTH (Acrocorinth, Corinth Canal):






** The sooner you book your private guide the better it is for your schedule and to find available guide which is hard to find them on the peak of the season (June-July-August)
** Prices depends on persons, season, if you need transportation or not, if you book more that one tours.


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