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Presentation of our team on the show ”24 hours Greece” ERT3

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Our team Grecopaths received an invitation from the national TV channel ERT3, specifically from the TV program “24 hours Greece“. The central theme was Nafplion and as we are the first organised effort in the last 4 years in town, we had the chance to present our activities in alternative tourism.

In this program several inhabitants of all ages and specialities talk about and show their town, Nafplio, the most romantic and historical town of Greece. Through the eyes of a student, public or private servant; people from around the area who help each in their own way to make this town even better.

Our team presented one part of our activities, a tour by bicycle, a little out of the center of Nafplion, to a Byzantine monastery. This location is special for the Grecopaths Team as it combines a lot for what we stand for, to transfer to the visitor. Natural beauty, history, silence, peace, panoramic views of Nafplion and the surrounding area. 

This monastery is called Agia Monis, dedicated to the Holy Virgin, while ancient ruins witnesses the presence of an ancient temple, built in honour of Hera. Outside the monastery you can find the source of an ancient river, Kanathos, where goddess Hera bathed herself according to mythology. With its cool water, our visitors from all over the world threst their thirst while enjoying the view and gazing at the goldfish in the water basin. At the same time local treats are waiting for them as a surprise, hidden in the cool water of the source or laid out on a tablecloth in the shadow of the walnut tree, inviting to be tasted.

See the presentation of our team to 24.52 minutes of the episode.


The whole episode here

The beauty of the simplicity – authenticity as we call it, is given in every tour and all of our activities. Either hiking, biking or horse riding. At the place where we were born and grew up, there still is that “hidden beauty” that we experienced as children. Exactly that is what we want to pass on and show through the eyes of a local. We want to walk or bike with our visitors to the places where us locals grew up. We want them to taste our favourite food and try sweets at the places where we hang out.


Our slogan is “explore like a local” and we think that says it all!