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greco paths
Duration: About 4 h
Location: Platanos village
Available Seat: Minimum number of participants 2
Price: From 50.00€ per person
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  • Starting-Αrrival point


    Ways of crossing Visitation season
    Platanos village-Neighbor village 6 km


    Οn foot All year


    Main sights:

    • Naturalist route through rural dirt roads
    • the path is the old one main ‘road’ which connected two villages
    • plain trees, firs, the beautiful view of the mountain massif Parnonas, the gorge called Loulougas
    • the mountainous neighbor picturesque village under the shadow of mount Parnonas.


    About 4 h

    From 50.00€ adults

    From 35.00€ children until 12 years old

    (for groups we make better prices please ask us )
    Included: Local English speaking guide, traditional snack, personal insurance

    Εxtra activities: Yoga in nature, massage session in nature, reflexology-Ask us about those services, prices accordingly the persons–

  • Platanos is built on the slopes of Parnonas, based on a verdant ravine at an altitude of 440 m. It is about 60km away from Naplio and belongs to the prefecture of Arcadia.
    The beautiful, unspoilt natural environment of chestnut, pine and fir trees make the environment majestic make the village picturesque and it is declared as a traditional settlement.
    Traditional neatly houses, narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed, it has lush & several trees such as pears, cherries and walnuts and abundant waters compose the village and ultimate serenity and tranquility.
    Indeed, the unique microclimate of the region favors the coexistence of vegetation rarely found such as: vines, pines, firs, olive, oak trees and rich variety of herbs.

    If you find yourself during the spring season at the village Platanos you will have the chance to enjoy the cherry local festival can that you can find handcrafted sweet cherry pies, & tastes based on cherry made and offered ​​from housewives of Platanos.
    You can enjoy also the traditional souvlaki & roast pig, with abundant and exquisite wine and off course to dance with the locals traditional music!
    If you find yourself during the full moon of August you will have the chance to enjoy the local fool moon festival with also music and traditional food and sweets.
    Unfortunately there is no standard scheduled date for the cherry festival so if you are interested to please send us an email (Officially it is announced 1 month prior) or you can visit the web-site of the village: http://www.discoverkynouria.gr/en
    Those fests are an excellent opportunity to meet the locals culture & customs.

  • The paths starts from the village Platanos. The locals named ‘path of war’ because during the time of wars they used this paths as a secret passage.

    Moreover locals used this path to transfer goods from one village to another.
    It is an easy trekking and medium walking tour because while your walking you will meet stones and rich vegetation. It is necessary to wear trouser and long shirt to protect yourself.
    The view is fantastic with the beautiful surrounding mountains, the gorge and the mount of parnonas.
    Cherry trees, plain trees and chestnut trees with flowing waters are everywhere at the beginning of the path.
    Continue on the scenery becomes more ‘mountainous’.
    A beautiful trekking with alternations of landscape.

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