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Duration: From 3 hours
Location: You can Choose :Nafplio, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Kalamata
Available Seat: min 2 person
Price: From 70.00€ ,depends from your choice
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  • The famous national Greek poet Odiseas Elitis has said: ” If you disconnect Greece, at the end you will find an olive, a vine and a ship.” Which means with those 3 ‘ingredients’ you can rebuild the Greece-Hellas.

    The olive tree played great role from antiquity as a symbol of Goddess Athena who according the Greek tradition, she was the one that she planted the first olive tree in Greece, in Athens.
    It was used to made wreaths of olive branches during the Olympic games, as offerings to Gods as therapeutic treatment and many other uses.

    Greeks were the first that they planted and cultivated the olive trees in Mediterranean area.
    Nowadays Greece is one of the top three countries that they produce olive oil for the worldwide market.
    How they collect the fruit, what is the procedure of making this gold juice as Greeks used to call it?
    Those any many others you are going to find out, learn, experience through the olive oil tasting that we can offer you.

    There are many family businesses that they offer you this experience. We have chosen the best of them, not only with the criterion of the size and the modern technology equipment that they may have some of them, but also for the quality of the olive oil that they have and the experience-knowledge as well,  of the owners.

    This tour –the olive oil tasting will last about 1h in any city-place you wish to book it,plus the duration of the transportation that you will need to get there.We can offer you 2 kinds of olive oil tasting

  • Basic olive oil tasting
    You will be transferred from Nafplio to the family business that they offer you the olive oil tasting.
    The guided tour will start from the olive fields to see and understand the basics about the cultivation, species of olive trees & much more. Continue on you will learn all about the stages of processing the olive fruits and become into pure olive oil .Cleaning the fruit,  and other procedure stages & finally to bottling the juice , the olive oil. Your experience ends by tasting the olive oil, with local feta cheese, tomatoes, olives fresh bread.

    Combine this tour with your visit to the famous archaeological site of Epidaurus or in Mycenae, depends on the place-area you wish to visit.

    Cost: From 70.00€ pp-Depends on, number of persons, season.
    Included: Transportation, olive oil tasting, visit the archaeological sites of Mycenae or Epidaurus with information sheets.
    Duration: 3hours

  • Eclectic olive oil tasting

    It is the same with the basic one (suggestion 1) but with the difference that an Executive Chef will serve you with other local goodies combined perfectly with the tastes of olive oil.
    Depends on season he had chosen the best sourced raw materials combined with the special food style of the dishes to highlight them with the best way only for you!

    Cost: 90.00€ pp-Depends on, number of persons, season
    Included: Transportation, olive oil tasting from Executive Chef, tasting of other local sourced delicatessen products, visit the archaeological sites of Mycenae or Epidaurus with information sheets.
    Duration: 4hours

  • Extra activitiesSwimming /snorkeling or kayak in the sunken city, be a shepherd for a daydinner at home with local familyhiking in ancient paths. Cheese tasting, cycling, guided tour


    **All the extra activities can be combined with your olive oil tasting

    **During July &August do not miss the live theatrical or musical performances based in ancient Greek plays (Comedies or tragedies) with English subtitles in the theatre of Epidaurus.

    More info here: http://greekfestival.gr/en/news/article/the-full-programme-of-athens-%26-epidaurus-festival-2018-is-announced