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Duration: 1,5 hours
Location: Mycenae
Available Seat: min 2 person
Price: From 125 €
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  • A guided tour at the acropolis of Mycenae, the citadel of King Agamemnon: a must for history lovers.

    Mycenae is considered as one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece and is known worldwide. It is a symbol of heroic Hellas (Greece) with mythical proportions… from the Trojan War and the history of the beautiful Helen to the myth of Atreus and the adventures and tragedies of Agamemnon, Orestis, Clytemnestra and Elektra.

    The acropolis of Mycenae with its impressive architecture like the Cyclopean walls, the Lion Gate, and rich royal tombs corresponds in every respect to the Homeric description of the capital of Agamemnon.

    The acropolis of Mycenae is situated northeast from the plain of Argos, one of the oldest cities worldwide, continuously inhabited for 7500 years. It is located between the mountains Prophet Elias and Zara and near the Argolic Gulf, a unique place to control the communication routes in all directions and naturally strongly defended. This position was probably one of the reasons that the citadel of Mycenae could flourish and became such a powerful civilization, on land and sea, and commercial successful. The Mycenaean era lasts from 1700 to 1100 BC.

    Life on the hill goes back much further! The excavations (begun in 1874 by the well known archeologist Heinrich Schliemann) have demonstrated that the site was inhabited possibly by the dynasty associated with the founding-father of Mycenae, Perseus, and his descendants, down to the king Eurystheus, who imposed the 12 labors on Hercules!

    If you are looking for a detailed historical archaeological tour, we cooperate with many licensed guides who speak any language you wish.

    Together with your guide you will admire the impressive architectonical buildings on the acropolis, the two royal Circle Graves, the monumental tholos (vaulted) tombs like the “Treasury of Atreus”, or Clytemnestra’s tomb, as well as the onsite museum which displays finds from the excavations.

    They will take you back to their time of Glory!

    The archaeological site of Mycenae includes:

    • Treasury of Atreus
    • Complex of houses
    • Grave circle B (17th-16th BC)
    • Tholos tomb of Clytemnestra (1400-1300 BC)
    • Tholos tomb of Aegisthus (1510-1460 BC)
    • Tholos tomb of the Lions (1460-1400 BC)
    • Lion Gate and Cyclopean walls (1350-1200 BC)
    • Granary
    • Grave circle A (16th c. BC)
    • Groups of houses
    • House of Figurines
    • The Palace
    • House of the Columns and artists’ workshops
    • North Gate
    • Cistern

  • Duration: 1,5 hours

    Cost: From 125 € per person

    Extra activities:

    You can complete this experience with more sightseeing by car, to non-touristic places, off the beaten paths, churches, monasteries, as well as food tasting (olive oil, wine, honey), dinner at home,  bicycle tour (mountain or electric bike), hiking tour (several distances and levels of difficulty). Treasure hunt or theatrical games are also available on request, based on the history/mythology of Mycenae. Our proposal from our Theatrologist – Museologist is something to complete your knowledge after your guided tour.

    The people are divided into two groups. The facilitator distributes several images that show parts of the archaeological findings-ruins from the archaeological sites that students saw. The groups will be asked to guess which image fits correctly between the archaeological site which he just saw. Each one of the two groups finds correctly the most images will take the role of the guide and he will present a pantomime of any part of the site which impressed him most.

    Finally it will be a small treasure hunt combined with small walking tour that they should find the hidden card into the cursed hidden tomb.

    At the end, the entire group will take a gift as a souvenir of this experience & they will write their impressions in the anthology of impressions.

    Finally take into account that this game will take place few km (in walking distance) from the archaeological site of Mycenae in the middle of olive trees and with panoramic view the Argolic plain & gulf. (There is a shade too)

    The purpose is to experience the ancient Greek civilization focusing in those two archaeological sites.

    ** You should wear comfortable clothes & hats.