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Duration: About 5 hours,all year available
Location: Nafplio
Available Seat: min number of person :2
Price: From 180.00 €
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Fish food tour in Nafplio

  • We take you to Nafplio’s finest for a collage of traditional Greek tastes, Greek local gourmet cuisine, people, stories and authentic moments.

    Our eclectic food tour is a food tasting exploration of the many eclectic tastes of Nafplio. Enjoy the highest quality food and drinks at venues you might not have found on your own. Your professional tour guide entertains you with stories on the history of the town of Nafplio, along with providing insights on the various restaurants, taverns and specialty delicatessen shops. Most of them are a family affair with a culinary heart.

    Our culinary specialist, the chef of our team, welcomes you at every food stop, where he has prepared everything in detail for you. From the food style to the execution of the several dishes.

    One of our destinations is the ultimate experience for all foodies, housewives in-the-know and chefs. Here you will enjoy exceptional tasty meze’s and also find the most spectacular, hard to find sophisticated and humble spices. The owner will give all the information and stories behind his delicatessen.

    Continue our eclectic food tour and try the freshest products and ingredients at a fish tavern where they serve simple yet delicious seafood. Choose your fresh fish yourself. Have a look behind the Greek hospitality scene; let yourself be surprised while you are enjoying your authentic Greek meal at an outdoor table at the seaside.

    Feel the sea breeze, sit at the beach right next to the sea, hear the musical sound of the waves, and at the same time Greek traditional music. We will take you to the places where the Greek hang out. Enjoy the Greek atmosphere to the full and let the especially for you chosen eclectic food thrill your taste buds. That is exactly what you will experience on our eclectic food tour. Together with the personal touch that our Grecopaths Team will give to your tour, we see you as our guest and we will treat you as a friend.

    Price: from 180 euros per person.

    Included: Transportation, four food stops: two at the town of Nafplio, and two at a fish village at the seaside out of Nafplio/fish taverns with fresh local fish, drinks (local wine or beer).

    Duration: About 5 hours.

    Period of time: All year around.

    When?: Private tour according to your schedule.

    Instead of finding the best shops-restaurants from Trip-Advisor
    • First of all, your tour escorts on this tour, as well as on the other tours offered by Grecopaths, are locals. They have lived their whole lives in this area that you are visiting for the first time. Whatever the internet says, locals have the first say.
    • We don’t only go to shops-restaurants with you; we will take you to the homes of Greeks to experience the Greek hospitality, their customs and traditions from nearby. You will have authentic conversations with the house owners, they will treat you and feed you with what they have and what they eat themselves during the day.
    • The Chef-expert on the gastronomic tours of Grecopaths has access to all the kitchens of the shops-restaurants that we visit. For this reason you will be certain of the best quality of all the products that have been used and of the styling of your plate as well (food style).
    • You will be transferred by car or mini-bus, depending the number of people, to fisherman’s villages out of Nafplio where you will taste fresh fish like the locals do, seated next to the waves, having a panoramic view and accompanied by Greek music, far away from the touristic places.
    • You will try eclectic wine varieties from oenologist and wine producers from our area, the best of its kind.
    • You will admire more sightseeing by car that not only includes the scope of the city of Nafplio, and you will be more flexible depending on your time and appetite to see additional places at no extra charge. It is our pleasure to show you as much is possible!
    • Walking through town with your tour escort will give you the opportunity to learn a lot about the city of Nafplio and its highlights, but also to develop other topics of discussion: about their daily life, other local activities, events that are organized in town and surrounding villages by local operators, depending on your time of visit.
    • Depending the season, the hour, your eating habits/food restrictions, the number of persons, the season, we will adjust the menu, as well as the walking tour, so you can enjoy to the fullest exactly that what you want.
    • We are flexible, as during our food tour it has happened that our visitor wants to increase the hiking route and minimize the food or vice versa. No stress, everything is possible, you are on vacation, don’t forget it.
    • We know all the shop owners very well on personal level and we help the local economy by giving an income to the financially most “weak“, having off course the standard quality that we request for you.
    • Food is the best way to learn about the mentality and culture of people. Drink to your health and play a game that the ancient Greeks played at their symposiums!

    Did we convince you??!

    Welcome to the world of Grecopaths gastronomical experiences!