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Duration: About 4 hours,All year
Location: Kastanitsa,Arkadia
Available Seat: Minimum number of participants:2
Price: From 85,00€ per adult
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Location: Arcadiahiking

Level of difficulty: Medium

Visiting period:All year round

Meeting point : Your hotel / Filellinon Square / or elsewhere

Starting point Ending point Duration Km Elevation difference
Prastos Kastanitsa About 4 hours 4,5 250m

‘Kaoure kanete’ in Tsakonian dialect, kalos irthate in Greek ,welcome in English in Kastanitsa !(kastano=Chestnut) of Arcadia!

  • Kastanitsa is a village in Arcadia in Peloponnese, Greece, on the southern slope of Mount Parnon. It is considered a traditional settlement. It is noted for its production of chestnuts, from which it takes its name, and for formerly being a majority Tsakonian-speaking settlement. Tsakonian derives from Doric Greek, being its only extant variant. Although it is conventionally treated as a dialect of Greek, some compendia treat it as a separate language. Tsakonian is critically endangered, with only a few hundred, mostly elderly, fluent speakers left. It is almost unintelligible with Standard Modern Greek

    In the village Kastanitsa you are going to see more than 300 years old tower-houses, stone built with wooden balconies with middle age architecture. There are builded  amphitheatric and surrounded by chestnut trees and firs, this scenery is just majestic & unique!

  • The path starts from the traditional village Prastos & walking uphill passing from those traditional traditional houses we follow dirt path which was the old path that use to connect these two villages (Prastos-Kastanitsa) in few parts you can observe parts of this cobbled path.Continue on walking downhill on your right hand you will have continuous panoramic view of the gorge Mazia. Smells of wild oregano and thyme will accompanied you until you will reach the river bed. From there and on you will continue in an uphill path passing from fir forest until you will reach the altitude of 1000 meters to enjoy the view taking at the same time a small break in a plateau. The scenery is just majestic! Afterwards you will start downhill the path with the vegetation change to chestnut trees! If you are lucky enough and you are walking during the chestnut period(end of September,October,November) you are going to taste them direct from the trees.
    Free snack that Greek nature always offers you.

    Few meters down you will meet the asphalt road that will lead you at the Kastanitsa village.
    At the village taverns you will taste chickpeas soup with chestnuts or pork with chestnuts.
    Variety also you can find in their chestnut sweets!

    If you will visit this place during the chestnut festival that the local club organize every year during the end of October,you will enjoy traditional Greek dances, verity of dishes made with chestnut (Kastano in Greek)and plenty of wine! Visitors came from all over Greece and from abroad to celebrate that day with locals!

Hot spots:

  • Traditional historical villages
  • chestnut fest with dances and food
  • forest with chestnut trees, firs
  • byzantine tower of Kastanitsa
  • information center with photograph exhibition with the floral and fauna of Parnonas mountain
  • famous church :Patron saint of the Transfiguration of Lord.


Cost min 2 person

From 85,00€ per adult

From 45,00€ for children up to 12 years old

For 1 person tour prices vary, please ask us
Minimum number of participants:2

  • Transportation from the ending point to the starting point (From Kastanitsa-Prastos) english speaking tour escort, traditional snack, photos from the tour
    There is the possibility the transportation to be from your hotel, please ask us.
  • Collect chestnuts, mushrooms, visit the information center of the village to see photograph exhibition, visit byzantine tower.

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