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Duration: About 4hours/All year round
Location: Epidaurus and Mycenae surroundings
Available Seat: Minimum number of participants:2
Price: From 135.00 € per adult
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In Greek “Mele”(μέλι) is the word for honey…. & “Melissa”(μέλισσα) is the word for honey bee.

Greek Honey, or the “Nectar of the Gods”, for over 3,000 years is one of the top products in Greece-Hellas.

Learn, experience, taste
Many of you have heard or perhaps have tasted Greek honey, so you are familiar with it’s colors, variety, and tastes. If not, don’t miss it! If you love honey, then you will want to know about Greek honey.
We have chosen for you the best places in our area with the finest honey to taste and not only the honey itseld but meals-dishes handmade and based on honey!

If you are planning to visit Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia don’t left out this experience from your program!

  • Hermione, & Mycenae surroundings

    Duration: From 4 hours

    All year round

    Meeting point: Filellinon Square, your hotel, other.


    ** If you visit the bee farm in Hermione area-Perfect combination if you visit Ancient Epidaurus:


    • Old traditional monastery with nuns to welcome you. Old olive press, looms, ancient fountain, centuries old olive trees, majestic view are some of the highlights of this monastery.
    • Visit family business for honey tasting.100 square meters of land waiting for you to see the bee-boxes, its herbs & trees, the honey museum, and to taste the unique several tastes of honey.
    • Impressive cave dates back to Paleolithic era, 35.000 years old with small walking tour to reach in it. Panoramic view of the sea.
    • Lunch with fresh fishes at a picturesque port of Hermioni .



      ** If you visit the bee farm in Mycenae surroundings-Perfect combination if you visit Ancient Mycenae:


    • Visit outodoor family business for honey tasting with panoramic views
    • Combine outdoor lunch or picnic with the fresh sourced organic products recipes based in honey
    • Visit the unknown city of Argos and enjoy your coffee or icecream downtown
    • Price:

      From 135.00 € per adult

      From 75.00 € per child untill 12years old

    For 1 person or for group of people, prices vary, please ask us

    Minimum number of participants:2

    Included:Family business with honey tasting, (honey museum only in Hermione area,)  guided tour to the monastery , visit impressive cave, see other sightseeing en route,lunch, transportation, english speaking tour escort,private driver.

  • Hermione

    Inhabited almost continuously since 3000 BC., Ermioni reveals its splendor and its history in your every step. Here the ancient inhabitants engaged in trade and the famous “purple”, a ruddy indelible dye namesake shell, which colored the robes of Alexander the Great and important Roman generals. Built in a beautiful part of Argolida, Ermioni, a magic and attractive land, stands up against the touristic islands of Argosaronicos golf. Ermioni is also famous for its many clean beaches.  Dip in the clean and clear waters that in 1960 was praised by Kousto and enjoy the secrets of the deep.
    We choose for you the best parts of Hermione to visit and to ‘taste’ the area within a day.
    Distance from Nafplio: 85km,1h&15 min driving

  • * The honey from Greece is considered to be some of the finest honey in the world.  Variables such as unlimited summer sun, the biodiversity of the Greek countryside plus the rich variety of Greek flora which includes more than 850 species found nowhere else in the world!  Earth scientists and botanists consider Greece a country with the richest flora in the Mediterranean basin, over 7,500 different species of herbs, plants, wild flowers and trees.  Thus, with this magnificent array of nature’s blessings, the bees give us multiple types of Greek honey which is its claim to popularity and fame. Now, maybe you are starting to understand the pride in the country’s honey and its top position in the world market.

    *In Greece, 12,000 tonnes of honey are produced annually. The vast majority of forest honey production involves pine honey, fir honey and oak honey. What is peculiar to these types of honey is that they do not crystallise and that they have high nutritious value due to their high content in trace elements (potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron etc).
    Greek honey in particular boasts high vitamin, enzyme, amino acid and mineral content