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  • Why should I do activities with the Grecopaths team instead of a map of my own or other information?

    Our local travel guide will share with you the local stories and myths not found anywhere else! Our local travel guide will show you the herbs of the area during your walk You will be able to ask questions and learn useful things about the local way of life, culture, customs, and traditions You will help the local economy You will meet and make new friends!
  • What physical condition should I be in to participate in Grecopaths activities?

    All of our proposed routes have various distances and elevation differences. You will be able to choose a route according to your physical condition. You can improve your stamina a couple of months prior to your visit. A good way to do this could be going for walks instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of using an elevator. Not being in the best physical condition does not mean you cannot participate in the itineraries, but you will be able to enjoy them better if you are physically prepared. Remember that psychological motivation sometimes overcomes physical difficulties.
  • Will we disturb and upset the locals?

    The mindset of locals is that when they see someone foreign doing activities in the surrounding areas (village, field etc.) usually their response is to smile and say ‘Yia sas’ (meaning ‘Hello’). At the more isolated places, where residents are not used to seeing visitors, they might look at you with suspicion however, there is no problem if they see you with your local guide or another local who is able to speak the native language.
  • What if I get sick during the walks or an accident happens?

    Grecopaths is not only committed to find the best landscapes for you, but also very concerned about your safety. To minimize unexpected situations, all our activities are subject to a previous analysis of safety conditions. In case of unexpected situations, our tour guides are certified to provide first aid help until an ambulance arrives. In case of an inaccessible location, Grecopaths will coordinate with the Volunteer Rescue Team of Hellenic Rescue Team Department of Argolis for assistance and rescue. Because our activities are mainly outdoors, weather conditions could change during your stay. Grecopaths reserves the right to cancel any activities should we consider that severe weather conditions could jeopardize the safety of participants. Please note that your itinerary is covered by personal insurance in these cases. For your safety please follow the general instructions of the tour guide.
  • How is payment handled? How and when do I pay?

    Payment is due at time of purchase, either by Paypal or bank transfer. Please e-mail us to obtain more details. For activities less than 24 hours inside of the Argolis region, payment is required before the activity starts or at the end of the tour. For activities in other Peloponnese regions a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking (1 week in advance). A 30% deposit is required for for bookings made 1 month in advance.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my trip ?

    Cancelling at least 30 days before the date of your schedule activity entitles you to a full refund; Cancelling at least 15 days prior to the date of your scheduled activity entitles you to a 50% refund; After the 15 day deadline no refunds will be granted.
  • How far in advance should I book?

    Booking well in advance allows us to coordinate all the logistics involved. For the activities in the Argolis region you should book 24 hours in advance. For activities in the neighboring regions you should book at least 1 weak in advance.
  • If the weather is not good due to raining, will the itinerary be canceled or postponed?

    Greece is a country of warm, sunny weather, especially in the southern regions of Argolis and Peloponnese. In circumstances where the weather is unfriendly safety has to come first. If safety procedures are not compromised, it’s up to you whether you wish to attend (i.e. if you feel comfortable walking while it is raining).
  • Are taverns and restaurant locations included in you package safe?

    All tavern and restaurant locations are selected with special care and love for the visitor who wants to taste the best authentic local recipes in the region.
  • How many guides are available for walking and cycling tours?

    For walking tours there will be one tour guide per 18 participants. For cycling tours there will be one tour guide per 10 participants
  • What if I don’t speak English?

    Tell us what language you speak and we will find you the appropriate guide.
  • Is there an age limit for Grecopaths itineraries?

    There is no age limit. Anyone of any age can participate. You have the flexibility to adjust any program to fit your needs. Just let us know in advance so we can create a custom itinerary for you.
  • Are all the partners of Grecopaths certified?

    Yes, all of our partners are certified and licensed for the services they provide.
  • Is there a minimum number of participants for a Grecopaths Pack?

    Even a single person can participate in our tours. In some packages there may be an extra cost. Please ask us.
  • What clothing and gear is recommended for walking or cycling tours?

    Comfortable sport shoes and clothes are recommended for our activities. You can also bring a backpack with necessary items such as sun glasses, sun cream, hat, water and snacks.
  • What if I don’t have a backpack or hat?

    Please inform us in advance and Grecopaths will provide you with a backpack or hat or anything it has to do with the activity-equipment you have chosen. Do not hesitate to ask for it
  • I would like to do a specific route from your itinerary but the distance is too long for me.

    Just let us know in advance and Grecopaths will customize the package to fit your needs!
  • During which months is the climate considered optimal for Grecopaths activities?

    The coolest period to do activities in the region is from March until the start of June – and September until the middle of November – During the summer months the best hours for activities are from: 6AM – 10:30AM & 6PM – 9PM
  • When can I schedule activities?

    Tours are based on your own schedule. Just tell us the date you wish to book and we will organize it for you! Youcan also participate in our scheduled events which you will find here…