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greco paths
Duration: About 4 hours ,All year round
Location: Argolida
Available Seat: min 2 person
Price: From 85.00€ per person
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  • Cost: From 85.00€ per person
    Included: Transportation, English speaking tour escort, 3 visits-grandmothers-tasting stops, sightseeing en route
    Duration: About 4 hours
    When?: All year round

    An authentic approach of feeling Greek hospitality

    The idea came from the founder of Grecopaths Team who used to have two wonderful grandmothers who helped her mother to raise her as a child. At their memory she invented this program.
    The Grandmothers who lived at the beginning of the 20 century and they are still alive there are a really gem of our country.
    Most of them they had more that 5-6 children that they used to give birth while are their cultivating their fields or in the better case in their house with a nurse.
    When their husbands use to be soldiers fighting against the enemies that times they stayed back to their homes and their fields being wife and husband at the same time for their children and property.

    There was no electricity and no water so we all can imagine the conditions that they lived that times. Although the recipes, customs and authentic stories they passed in our today’s life through those women. They still teach us an another way of seeing life..
    Now they are too old , their children, grandchildren they have their jobs and very short time to visit them. They would love to meet you with our English speaking tour escort to share with you some stories from their past. At the same time, you will enjoy their handmade sweets or other local goodies depends on what hour you will visit them.

    We suggest you to visit 3 lovely grandmothers. One of them is the down town of Nafplio and the -others two in a nearby villages. (4-10km away from Nafplio)

    The tour will last about 4 hours and includes except the visits of those 3 yiayiades-grandmothers 3 different choices of tasting local goodies handmade from those lovely women and sightseeing en route.

    >>With this tour we all help them to strengthen their income-pension<<