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  • The Argolic breakfast

    A program that is implemented with the advice of The Gate of Peloponnesian Culture

    With this program we give emphasis to the importance of the preparation of a good breakfast in our lives. With products of high nutritional value that are produced at the Argolic land.

    This program has the possibility to be followed by the parents as well, especially by the mothers of the children, in order to get ideas, suggestions, and advice, by the chef of our team.

    A professional nutritionist will inform our small friends and answer all their questions.

    A representative of one of the local products we suggest for an Argolic breakfast will be there to speak about the benefits and recipes of his products. For example a local baker, a workshop for handmade pasta, or a company for the production of olive oil and olives.

    The lesson will be held in a traditional village, 8km out of Nafplio, at a family run tavern-restaurant, surrounded by orange and olive trees, domestic kept chicken and sheep, and a wood oven.

    The children will have the opportunity to see from nearby the village life, but also understand the direct use of raw materials from authentic fresh local produce in cooking.

    After cooking there will be plenty space for playing. The whole village! Games based on tasteful memories and with our senses as a guide, will simply be unforgettable!

    ** There is the possibility of a cooking lesson & meal with local traditional recipes (like Argolic pasta, wild greens pie, meat from the oven-traditionally cooked in a special pot). Ask us for details.

    Ask for our prices

    Included: The usage of a private room for the realization of the program, the ingredients-products, the guidance by an experienced chef and professional nutritionist, baking in a wood oven, goat milking, cooking in a traditional pot.