greco paths
Duration: About 6 hours
Location: Epidaurus
Available Seat: Minimum number of participants 2
Price: From 90.00€ per adult
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** Guided tour or just visiting the archaeological site of Epidaurus and its theater.

  • Our suggestion:

    Except visiting the ancient theater of Epidaurus and its archaeological site you can also combine at the surrounding area:


    • Small walking tour in ancient path 2km
    •  cycling tour (15 or 27 km)
    •  canoe kayak on the sunken beach
    • swimming on the sunken beach observing with goggles the ancient ruins in an only 1 meter depth
    Sightseeing of:

    • Olive tree 2.500 years old
    • the twisted tree of Hercules-
    • ruins of a pyramid
    • old church
    • visiting the unknown small theater of Epidaurus
    • natural history museum –the only one in Greece-

    Tasting local products:

    • Olive oil tasting in a family business
    •  orange fruit tasting with the tastiest oranges of Greece cooked with several tasty & traditional ways,
    •  fish tasting with fresh delicious local fishes,
    • lesson cooking,
    •  dinner at home in locals houses.


    Indicative price:

    90.00 € per adult,
    85.00 €per students or teenagers
    65.00 € per children (untill 12 years old)

    Special reference to the sunken city entitled ‘The sunken ancient Epidaurus, Atlantis the Argolis becomes on the website and the reporter Lekaki George presenting a very interesting video


    Starting point your hotel, guided walking or cycling tour in ancient path 2km, swimming on the sunken beach, visiting the olive tree 2.500 years old, ruins of a pyramid, old church, visiting the unknown small theater of Epidaurus, small pic nic with local snacks & fruts under plain trees, photos from the tour.
    Excluded: Transportation if you need it
    Prices for: Lesson cooking, or orange & fish tasting or cycling, or guided tour in the archaeological site of Epidaurus: On request.-Special prices for groups-

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