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Duration: All year available,
Location: Hermione , Argolis
Available Seat: min number of person :19
Price: Ask for our prices
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Γινε μια μέρα μελισσοκόμος

** The program is addressed to children of all age groups and tells us all about the wonderful world of the honey bees.

We all have seen bees flying from one flower to the other flower. We all have enjoyed honey, this unique nutritious food that bees offer to us for thousands of years. The world of the bees is the world of cooperation, hard work and teamwork. Well, the children will learn, how those beautiful insects live, how they work to give us honey, but also the secrets of their everyday life.

  • The program includes:
    ** Visit to a family farm of many acres that includes: olive trees, beehives, herbs such as thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, chamomile, laurel and others.

    Therefore a short walk – tour is possible.

    ** Subsequently a visit to the honey museum that includes objects and tools that witness the old ways of collecting and processing honey.

    ** Guided tour by the owners at the honey laboratory to become closely acquainted in practice with the way the precious nectar of the honeybee is extracted of the honeycombs cells’. They will see the derived products of honey, such as propolis, pollen, wax crèmes and soap.

    ** We will enjoy bread with honey, juice and a snack for every child, at the wooden benches with panoramic view and the wood oven built like old times.

    ** The educator of our Grecopaths team will have made an experiential game, a small treasure hunt with a theme inspired by the whole environment.

    There is also the possibility to visit by feet the neighboring family farm with sheep.

    The day can end with a visit to the impressive prehistoric cave of Frachti (age based on archeological finds 35.000 BC!).

    Or the day can end with the traditional “souvlaki” and “pita gyros”, the favorite food of our little friends, at the beautiful harbor of Ermioni.

  • Participation fee:

    Ask for our prices, minimum number of participants 19 persons

    Included: Educative experiential program-game, beekeepers uniforms, tasting honey, guided tour by special team of beekeepers, highlighting pollination of plants by bees, explanation of natural way of honey production.

    Surprise gift from the natural products from our land.