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Duration: 1,5 hours
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The program takes place in the National Gallery and Museum of Alexander Soutsos-annex Nafplio with the theme:”Painting the history of 1821 of Greece…”. Designed for pupils of primary schools – customized to the different age groups.

Short description:

The children have the opportunity:

  1. To know the themes of the permanent exhibition of the Greek Revolution of 1821, with forms and themes of the War of Greek independence.
  2. To know the periodic exhibitions of the museum.
  3. At the end of the presentation of the exhibits follows the narration of a fairy tale and creative games with the impressions of our young friends at the library of the Gallery.


Duration of the program: 1,5 hours

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Included: Narration of a fairy tale and creative games by a theatre-educator of our team. Traditional snack.

**Note: At the National Gallery and Museum Alexander Soutsos-annex Nafplio, the entrance for children for the above activity of our organization is fre