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november food tour nafplio with grecopaths

November food tour in the city of Nafplio

Our visitors from Argedina few hours ago enjoyed a food tour in the city of Nafplio.

They didn’t enjoy only the food but also they met local people ,discussed with the them,exchanged knowledge, culture with epicenter the food ofcourse!

We walked the whole town we saw the main sightseeing of Nafplio and with this way we digested the goodies between the tasting stops.

Nafplio during November had 28 degrees!Who spoke about winter here? The most of the people they still swim.

The life in town today was totaly peaceful.You could hear even the birds while you were walking!Besides Nafplio is known as a town but actually is a big village with about 14.000 population.

Panos Kokkalas our chef of the team was before us in each tasting stop so to prepare the dishes with his fancy food styling.

All our partners they offer local & organic products with a lot of loyalty and love of what they are doing.

If you are planning to come in Peloponnese do not miss this tour!It is our ‘best seller’!Tasty food, locals, a lot of yia mas (cheers) and a lot of laughs!

feel and explore like a local‘ this is our slogan, this what we do,this what we offer you: EXPERIENCES!