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A different ‘anniversary’ food tour in Nafplio

No one food or other tour is the same with other!

A couple of a friends-visitors they came from Dubai to see except other destinations our town Nafplio. They had their first wedding anniversary so all the food tour was adjusted to this celebration.

Small surprises such as roses, special cakes , the food style of each fruit or other goodies they had to do with something romantic. The Chef or our team Panos Kokkalas was in every tasting stop to prepare and to ensure that everything was excellent with the cooperation of the owners of the shops.

We exchanged knowledge and experiences for many issues with the owners and between us too of course.

We met during our way with some friends that they become friends with our visitors too!

A nice coincidence with Grecopaths yoga expert Nicol Daravelia who has visited and study the hatha yoga in Ashrams in India we met her in town accidentally and while we were talking mentioned that the places that she had stayed and visited are where the visitors come from!

Also we went in Argos city next to Nafplio only 12 km away where a jewelry workshop is and our visitors order their jewel inspired from the ancient Greek spirit.

All our tours there are more than a tour. You become a local for a while. Your desire, taste, preference can be easily adjusted to all of our tours. Finally Grecopaths tours are private in your date so to be ‘tailor made’ and with personal contact with our visitors.

Stop being a tourist and become local,’ explore like a local’ with Grecopaths Team.

Everything  we do is coming from our heart with a respect to you dear traveler and deep knowledge of our homeland. You are welcome in our companionship!


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