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Agrotourism in Hermione

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No matter where are you from, no matter if you are a city man or woman, as parents your children should at least once in their life live the experience of the mother land-earth.

Hippocrates some centuries ago, said :’’We are what we eat.’’

It is very important for everybody to understand the life in the countryside away a little bit from civilization, technology and ‘virtuality’ and to live the real live in a real time.

You will be witness of the real moment. The moment that you arrive in a farm maybe you will see a real birth of a baby goat or of a baby sheep, you will see how they milk or feed them.You will learn that the animals have their own emotional intelligence and not only instincts. You will feel the happiness of collecting the still warm eggs from chickens or duck, and you are going to cook them with the wild asparagus which few meters away you have collected.

You will see in a real time what the animals eat, how the shepherds milk the mothers sheeps or goats by hand or by a machine and later on you can boil the milk that you got from the animal to taste it direct from ‘the production to consumption’.

You will understand the way of farmers life and how they have philosophized their life through animals because there are part of their soul and body.

Imagine that the farmers cultivate part of animals food, they help the mothers to give birth even if it is after midninight, they clean the animals, they collect their milk to feed their family and to sell part of it and they feed themselves with their meat.

It is a circle of life, it is the way of living and you can experience it only when you sit at the same table with locals and enjoying lunch with 100 % pure local products. From A to Z.

Welcome to Grecopaths experiences, feel, taste, ‘explore like a local’

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